"Take the Evangeline Trail to Bell Park and leave your car in the main parking lot. Take the trails to West Lake and look for the signs - they'll direct you to the ceremony site." 

My memory is fuzzy, but the verbal directions went something like that. Two minutes into the hike and I started to panic. Shit. Wrong park. Wrong parking lot. No. Keep on going - just a bit further. Then I saw it. The first sign: "LoKate the Love", written in loose italic with an arrow below. Two minutes later and I found the next one, followed by the third. Then I was on their altar, on the edge of West Lake. Blue skies reflected off calm water. Reds, yellows and oranges scattered throughout the evergreens on shore. Rows of chairs underneath an autumn canopy faced the lake with the aisle between them leading back to the woods, back to where I'd started my panicked journey. 

Logan was there. This was it. Success. 

What a beautiful ceremony. Full sun. No wind. Surrounded by those they love. A pair of curious ducks paddling by. No bread [I'm sorry]. Vows to end all vows. Smiles and a kiss. Signatures, handshakes and hugs. A dance down the aisle. There are no rules. It's what you want it to be. 

Edison bulbs cast a warm glow in the Avon Spirit Shipyard that evening - the perfect wedding venue for those who wish to escape the city and watch a sunset over the Avon River with someone they love. The perfect wedding venue for harvest tables and live music, maritime history and charm. 

Thank you, friends.