I wasn't prepared for how amazing the 5th of July was going to be. Stephanie & JJ had reached out a few months prior and shared their vision of a small, intimate wedding in Chester, Nova Scotia. A cottage, a yurt, seascapes and immediate family / close friends. I was hooked. 

Tucked away in the trees at the end of Snell's Way is a small farmhouse. A weathered exterior gives way to an interior packed with history - one could spend hours exploring its offerings. The upper level offers views of the Chester Basin and Meisners Island in the distance. I've found that there are a handful of locations throughout Nova Scotia that whisk you away from the province with their charm and surreality - this is one of them. 

I've been fortunate to have documented a number of backyard weddings in recent years (and more are on the way!). The 5th of July epitomized what I've come to enjoy about these celebrations. There is a focus on simplicity and immediacy - the day itself is stripped down to the core components of a wedding celebration. Those in attendance are able enjoy the company of others in a location that generally holds a fair amount of significance for the married couple. Photographically speaking, these can be very rich events for a photographer. From details to smiling faces, from laughter to tears. This is what I want to document - this is where I'd like to be.

I promise to not eat all of the homemade baked goods.