It was a fantastic ceremony at St. John's Anglican Church. Towering oak trees and rolling farm land on the exterior, tongue-and-groove wood ceilings and chandeliers on the interior. A summer breeze worked its way from the rear of the church, cooling those in attendance and bringing the scents of the Annapolis Valley with it. 

To the north of the church lies woodland with a narrow path running through it. Trees transitioned to tall grass and bushes, which transitioned to a manicured lawn and the site of the reception - Grainne & Matt's front yard. Their wedding day was another perfect example of focusing on the basics: celebrate, socialize and party. No distractions - just grilled food, chilled alcohol and good company. 

A full August sun eventually retired for the day, handing the reigns over to a beautiful harvest moon that rose from the east. Those in attendance kept the dance floor full and partied the night away. Success.