Burnt Church, Neguac, Tabusintac. Val-Comeau, Saumarez, Sheila. Paranoia that I'd miss my turn - none of these names were familiar. A sign for Six Roads! There it was. Right turn onto Chemin Pallot and a few lazy bends in the road before my final destination - Inkerman, New Brunswick. 

Marie-Soleil and John's ceremony & reception were held at her Grandparent's home on the shores of Lac Inkerman. Another hot summer day, but at least the heat kept the bugs at bay. Guests arrived in campers or set up tents on the lawn. Horseshoes, washer toss and frisbee. Beer, spirits and a bit of water. 

I'd never been to this part of New Brunswick before. Nerve wracking at first as my French is positively abysmal. Je m'appelle Embarrassment. Capital E. That said it didn't take long to overcome language barriers. Locals love to socialize. Locals love to celebrate. They love to share food and they love to share drinks. Marie-Soleil and John's wedding was the perfect introduction to this corner of New Brunswick.