2014 also marked my first visit to Greenfield, Nova Scotia. Where cottages on the Amherst Shore are exposed to the Northumberland Straight, cottages in Greenfield cozy up to the Medway River, fed by Lake Ponhook to the North. Whitney & Justin chose the family cottage that Justin had grown up with as the site of their wedding and reception. By the time I arrived the tables had been set underneath a canopy of maple trees in the backyard. Dinner was to be a greasy breakfast, the staple meal of any Canadian cottage. Trays of thickly sliced bacon and potatoes lined the countertops - trays of fruit and vegetables would soon follow.   Baseball caps, life jackets, travel-sized boxes of Fruit Loops, mis-matched blankets & quilts, lanterns, pine needle covered roofs, rogue squirrels, ducks, fishing rods and family photos. All of these (and so much more) made for the perfect wedding day backdrop. These two chose to focus on the simple things, and their day was so much richer for it.  Thank you for allowing me to be your wedding photographer. 

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