As you travel along Nova Scotia's Sunrise trail you'll eventually find Caitlin's childhood home, tucked in from the road slightly but still basking in the sun. Brightly painted, it was graced by an abundance of flowers when I arrived in early September. The driveway slowly loops towards the back of the property, leading visitors towards a large barn that would serve as the backdrop for the wedding. Sheep tended to grass and chickens rummaged through windfall as friends and family set the reception tables and cut flowers for decorations. Situated in the far corner and overlooking the ceremony site was a fishing boat bearing Caitlin's name - its hull slowly being restored by her father. I'd found a small slice of paradise in rural Nova Scotia and immediately fell in love. As a photographer it is an absolute honour to photograph in a space where both inhabitants and visitors share a strong connection to the structures and the land they reside on. There are hundreds, if not thousands of details which help paint the setting at hand. A clear afternoon sky made for a beautiful ceremony and a clear night sky undoubtably illuminated the path to an impromptu campground where guests were encouraged to spend the night. This is Nova Scotia.