Halifax New Years Eve Wedding

The dance floor was packed all night. Beer taps ran nonstop. Signs of a fantastic reception. Signs of an energetic group determined to ring in the new year (and pounce on the late night McDonalds delivery).  In the midst of it all a groomsman worked his way to the stage and grabbed a microphone. Whispered directions to the band. Brushed his hair back. Looked out at the crowd . . and sang his heart out. The version of Bob Seger's 'Night Moves' that followed stirred things up at the Red Stag Tavern even more.  

Polar vortex be damned. These two braved sub-zero temperatures and wicked winds off the harbour. Taking advantage of that beautiful afternoon light was a must and it paid off handsomely. Thank you for your trust, friends. And thank you for the open arms. Everyone was made to feel welcome. To feel like family. The most amazing atmosphere for this wedding photographer to find himself in. 

I don't always have the opportunity to work alongside videographers, but when I do I have a blast. A shout out to Meaghan & Marie Wright at Mirror Image Media - if I had a fraction of the energy you have I'd be out running marathons. Their vision from the day can be seen *here*. Bravo. It's beautiful. 

A shout out to Krista at Polka Dot Cakes. I included a photo of her creation for a reason. How can you cut a piece of art like that? An age old dilemma. I'll gladly take a piece though. 

Another to Danielle Roberts at Twig & Twine Floristry. In a matter of hours she put the finishing touches on the most perfect winter bouquets and welcomed a new addition to her family. Congrats to you - all the best in 2018!

A toast to Aaron Grant, Chris Mahoney, Gavin Stewart and Jayme Keddy. The talent behind The Greenwich Connection. You kept that dance floor full. No Mercy. 

And last, but certainly not least. Meghan Lawlor for her mad MUA skills and Kass McDonald (from The Hills Bowtique) for her mad styling skills.