A Mersey River Wedding

I live for exploration, especially with a camera in hand. I’d never been to the Mersey River Nature Retreat but I’d heard / read the praise and seen photos from other wedding photographers. Unable to contain my excitement I’d sped down the highway from Halifax and arrived an hour early. Hunks of moss covered granite rose from the forest floor on either side of the driveway leading to the property. Early morning sun was starting to filter through the evergreen bows and as I forged ahead the sound of gravel under tires was slowly replaced by the sound of water cascading over rocks as it worked its way from Dukeshires Stillwater and Harry Lake. Wisps of campfire smoke followed the edge of the water - those who had tended the fires the night before were still tucked away in their tents and cabins. Empty liquor bottles. Tubes of sunscreen. The odd stringed instrument and frisbee. Camp life. Pleasant life. Guests eventually rose as the morning progressed. Coffee brewed and cereal poured. Chairs set, tables moved and decorations hung. A wedding ceremony on the shore and an open air reception on the lawn. A toast to the venue. A toast to these two who brought an incredible group of individuals together for a party.