A Centre Burlington Backyard Wedding

A flower adorned arbor, situated at the top of a hill overlooking rolling farmland. A bright yellow Acadian cottage, nestled under century trees that line a dirt road in Centre Burlington. This is the land that sustains them and the home that protects them. Pure bliss. I was met with warm smiles and hugs and I left to warm smiles and hugs. Hilary & Marshall were wed in late summer, a time in Nova Scotia when the sunflowers are almost at their peak and the fruits of farm labour begin their journey from the field. A time of excitement. A time of fulfillment. A time to celebrate both the steps taken and the steps that lay ahead. There is always a different pace to a backyard wedding, especially when it’s your own backyard. You’re where you need to be. There is no rush. There is no timeline and there are no rules. Fill that mug to the brim with spirits and enjoy the company of those who’ve gathered around you.