A Late Season Pictou Lodge Wedding

Hearts worn on sleeves. An endless amount of laughter and a healthy dose of tears. The good kind of course.  

I’m accustomed to starting off a wedding day with a select few of the wedding party - It’s rare that I’m meeting with the full group. But there I was, ready to wade out into the Northumberland Strait with those who were brave enough to take an early morning dip. I’m not sure how many they were expecting to show up, but I’m fairly certain they didn’t expect a few dozen to line the shores in solidarity. The perfect way to start the day, and all against the most amazing sky. Painted. It had to have been. Blink and another mix of grey and blue tones would take shape and move with the wind. The view of Pictou Island may remain unchanged, but everything around it is in a constant state of flux. Never the same thing twice. Always striking, always dramatic. One of the many reasons why I love visiting Pictou Lodge as a wedding photographer. 

From an ocean dip to a first look amongst the birches. Beach strolls and a wedding ceremony on the cliffs at the Lodge. Unpredictable winds and unpredictable ties. No Boats on Sunday cider to tame the unseasonably warm temperatures and a rowdy group of guests dancing the night away to Merimac’s raucous beats.