A Shobac Cottage Wedding

The shimmer off the ocean that morning was stunning. A slight breeze to add some texture to the water’s surface and a clear blue sky to compliment the green tones of spring growth. That’s when I saw it. And then another. A third. A fourth. Highland cattle  spread across the hillside. And then there were the sheep. And the apple trees. And the sharp lines of Shobac Cottages contrasting against the famous round barn - a true country cathedral that dominates everything around it. Exteriors may be weathered grey but each interior exudes warmth and an immeasurable amount of character. Crest the hill and descend the driveway that leads to the property and you’re cut off from the world, left in a place that has everything you need to unwind and escape reality. Or perhaps it’s the other way around - perhaps one visits Shobac to get to reality. Stroll along the laneways, hike through the pastures. Watch starlings flit across ponds and take in a sunset over Ships Channel. Thank you Emily & Greg - it was the most perfect celebration of love and a wonderful way to start the wedding season. What more could this Halifax photographer ask for?