What follows is a breakdown of my offerings as a wedding photographer. It is the culmination of early exploration and lessons learned. That said I still salute you if you're charting a different path and are looking for a different type of coverage. Outdoor weddings at home? Love it. Elopement? Love it. Law Courts or City Hall? Love those too. I'd be more than happy to tweak the following details / pricing to meet specific needs / desires.

ONE. I firmly believe in unlimited coverage. I’m yours for the day. I’ve always adored documentary photography and will always approach a wedding as a documentarian. Friends and family come from far and wide to celebrate a union of two – I’m in constant awe of the flurry of activity and mix of emotion they create. By providing my services for the day my goal is to not dictate how the day will unfold, but rather document how it will unfold. I’m not fond of having someone structure their day around a window of coverage – I’d rather the day be structured to their liking. Photography is a powerful medium. A single photograph can capture an immediate moment which in turn can lead to a chain of memories and respective emotions. I take great joy in not stepping back, but stepping forward and capturing as much of that as I can. Let me know when you’d like me to start and I’ll follow you to closing time. 

TWO. I firmly believe in letting you have full control of your photographs. You own the copyright and you can do with them as you please. There are no watermarks and there are no logos. You will not be forced to pick and choose. I always consult clients before drawing from their photos for advertising or publication purposes. I want clients to know how their images will be used and I believe that they should have the right to say ‘no.’ In addition, I firmly believe in options and flexibility. All edited images are saved in both colour and black + white formats. Why? I’m indecisive. Some individuals prefer a colour image to its black and white counterpart. A few months later they may enjoy the opposite. Each set of photos is then saved in a high-resolution format and delivered to you. These are the files that you can use for printing and publishing. Print them big or share them electronically. You decide. Typical wedding collections are comprised of 600-800 unique images (1200-1600 when accounting for the black & white photos). 

THREE. I firmly believe in offering a free photo session to each couple. Many of the people I meet have never had their pictures taken. My hope is that a session can act as an icebreaker, as a trial run for the wedding day and as an opportunity to have fun as nothing is forced or made to be overly complicated. I loathe having my photo taken – something that I always keep in mind when working with clients as there are undoubtedly others who feel the same way. If a session can’t be taken advantage of before a wedding date then I encourage people to use it for family photographs, etc after said date has passed. A chance to build a relationship through photography!

FOUR. I firmly believe in film. As long as film stock exists I’ll never be able to turn my back on this medium. Although the majority of my images are captured with digital cameras, I enjoy supplementing them with physical negatives and / or positive prints from instant cameras. Film I use ranges from 35mm to Fuji Instax prints. Film isn’t better than digital, and digital isn’t better than film. They simply feel different and can be appreciated in different ways. The type of film I use is usually dictated by the pace of the day and the light at hand, but do let me know if you have a personal preference. 

A full day of coverage is $3000 CAD - a price which includes tax and the aforementioned details. Travel fees may apply for certain destinations. Don't be afraid to touch base - I'd be more than happy to meet in person or share a full length collection online if you're inquiring from out of province.