What follows is a breakdown of what I offer as a portrait photographer. As with my wedding work It is the culmination of early exploration and lessons learned. What does my portrait photography encompass? Families, newborns, couples, etc.

ONE. I firmly believe in an open session. I don't like imposing a time limit, especially for family or newborn photographs. I would rather keep things as laid back and stress free as possible for all involved. If things don't work out then I don't mind rescheduling, free of charge. Most family sessions last an hour while engagement sessions generally last two hours.

TWO. I firmly believe in letting you have full control of your photographs. You own the copyright and you can do with them as you please. There are no watermarks, there are no logos. You will not be forced to pick and choose. I always consult clients before drawing from their photos for advertising or publication purposes - I want them to know how their images will be used and I believe that they should have the right to say 'no.'

THREE. All edited images are saved in both colour and black + white formats. Why? I’m indecisive. Some individuals prefer a colour image to its black and white counterpart. A few months later they may enjoy the opposite. Each set of photos is then saved in a high-resolution format and delivered to you. These are the files that you can use for printing and publishing. Print them big, or share them electronically. You decide.

FOUR. I firmly believe in exploring. I've never had a studio, and I never plan on owning one. Does your family or significant other have a favourite hiking spot? Picnic location? Is there an area that you've never been to but would like to visit? I'm in.

Coverage is $400, a fee which includes tax and travel to most locations in Nova Scotia. Feel free to send a message if you have any questions and / or concerns. I'd also be more than happy to meet in person with a hot beverage in hand, or share an album online if you're inquiring from out of province.